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this is a fox news alert. i'm geraldo rivera. closing argumentstsing in the case that could send his only daugher to death row for killing his only grand daughter, george anthony told me this when i shook his hand friday in the big courtroom on the 23rd floor of the orange county courthouse in florida, "this is the deepest heart ache you could imagine. i lost one and now i could lose another ". whose side is george really on? and facing the death penalty, why didn't his daughter the accused casey anthony take the witness stand in her own defense? >> this family must keep its secrets quiet. >> geraldo: in a desperate attempt to explain casey's
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hideous behavior in the month following caylee anthony's death, the defense attorney jose baez presented an abuse excuse. >> it gee been a when she was 8 years old. >> geraldo: george anthony flatly denied the ai allegatio. >> you would never admit to molesting your child, would you, sir? >> i never would do anything like that to my daughter. >> you would never admit to it, would you, sir? >> sir, i would never do anything to harm my daughter in that way. >> geraldo: the defense was left with the challenge of putting evidence on the record to support the allegation of abuse. >> i think it left a huge hole. unless you put casey on the stand where is he going to go with this? the only evidence that is there the prosecution has asked of george anthony and he gave an emphatic no. >> geraldo: also the issue of
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preserving the right to testify at a retrial? >> are you convinced she is not going take the stand. >> snoo not so much this trial. i would be shocked if the jurors hadn't made up their case already. i think he has a winnable appellate case. why lock her into testimony now, they feel they would be going back at this a couple of years down the road. i think he is probably doing the right thing not putting her on the witness stand. >> geraldo: and if she took the stand how could she explain away the various lies. >> if you put her on the stand and she becomes so unlikeable to the jury which she probably would because they heard her lie over and over and put her family through all of this, they could change their minds and lean in favor of death. >> geraldo: came down to friday when the defense was about to rest. >> the big question today is whether that 25-year-old young woman right there, casey anthony will take the stand in her own defense. >> geraldo: the judge had already last saturday ordered a
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psychiatric evaluation of the defendant. >> based upon the reports that the court has reviewed the court will find that the defendant is come be ten come o continue to proceed. >> geraldo: this thursday, the answer came from the accused baby killer herself. ms. anthony, do you understand, first of all, is t your decision not to testify based upon consultation with your counsel? >> yes, sir. >> you understand that is your decision to testify or not testify is solely your decision and your decision alone? >> yes, sir. >> and it is your decision not to testify. in. >> yes, sir. >> geraldo: will her silence be deafening, leaving more questions than answers in the minds of the 12 men and women that will decide her fate? >> i said from day one casey has not got to take the stand
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to advance the defense. she has chosen not to which will make it interesting during closing arguments because the prosecution will cram that down their throat. >> geraldo: this not taking the witness stand, this wa was thia mistake? >> i absolutely do. if i'm prosecuting the case i love it because baez came out in the untroa in the opening statement and said it was all sexual abuse and all of the horrible things and that will explain them. he didn't quite say it as dramatically as i'm saying it right now. she needed to take the stand because no evidence came out, geraldo, during the trial that would substantiate that. forget about us being all lawyers here. think about it. if you were charged with something that you didn't do that you were innocent and you had the power to be able to take the stand, doesn't matter what your lawyer said, if you wanted to take that stand, wouldn't you do it? i would.
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>> geraldo: joe, would you make baez andaecision tahoe say casey anthony did in case snsm. >> they are the ones that have to prove that casey anthony committed this crime. and that 31 day moment where essentially she is out acting wild, that is something that is very, very difficult to overcome and she would essentially be the cross-examination would be very, very difficult for her to overcome. >> the problem is, though, that they did try to step into it and did try to say that they would explain the 31 days which is not a moment. that is a month and a day. that is a lot. again, take off your lawyer hat for a second and think that is a mother apparently. >> geraldo: she is a serial liar and she would have been eaten alive by cross-examination, i believe absolutely. and i think that baez has
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nibbled away at the edges just enough to the jury might think there is something malignantly dysfunctional with this family. with casey not testifying on her own behalf and her father's testimony so tortured and conflicted the other star witness has been the mother of the accused of cindy anthony. she was savaged. absolutely savaged by the state. here is craig. >> do you recall in march of 2008 you doing any types of searches for any items that might include chloroform? >> yes. >> geraldo: it was the defense's biggest moment. casey didn't search for chloroform, grandma did. >> could you explain to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury why you did that? >> well, i started looking at chlorophyll and i was concerned about my smallest yorkie.
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i started looking up chlorophyll and then that prompted me to look up chloroform. >> angered, the prosecution struck back. >> the question is and that is a questio yes or no, did you to the search bar on google how to make chloroform. >> i don't recall typing in how to make chloroform. i recall typing in the word chloroform. >> sure, grandma was probably lying to save her only daughter. >> were you home on march 17 of 2008 between 1:43 and 1:55 p.m.? >> if the computer entries were made then i made them. i was home. i know i took some hours off. >> but what if she wasn't lying. >> why would your work schedule show that you were working? >> could have been an if my supervisor filled out the time card in my absence.
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>> to make sure this no one believed her in their rebuttal case friday the prosecution presented a new forensic search of the family computer. >> what key word searches were you asked to perform. >> i was asked to examine those files for anything related to chlorophyll, to neck, hand gentiva., bamboo and again >> the state's computer expert eliminates any chance of an accident. >> did you find doing this keyword search any references to chlorophyll, however, you want to spell it? >> no, ma'am, we did not. >> despite objections, he testifies he finds no search on the family computer for clor chlorophyll and that someone did search for neck breaking. >> this is a google search that
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is specific to the words neck and breaking. >> more devastating to the defense, the hard cold computer evidence that cindy was, indeed, at work. >> as custodian of records at gentiva did you ask for the log-in and logout times of an individual by the name of cindy -- cynthia marie anthony for the week of march 17 of 2008? >> yes, i did. it was part of the subpoena request. there is a w with a number and then it ends in an a diswhrarks syndicateing that c.m. anthony logged on to her workstation a desktop at the winter park office and opened a session in unity. and then right below that and that was done on 3/17 at
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7:02:02. >> central time. >> thathat is central time. >> computer records show someone using cindy anthony's user name was logged on to her computer at the hospital she worked for nearly nine hours straight on those days in question. since the computer searches for chloroform were done by someone in the anthony family home miles away, it is pretty clear grandma was lying to protect her only daughter. dmonow there are questions about whether cindy anthony is going to be brought up on prnlgry charges. >> geraldo: loses her grand daughter and now loses her daughter, i don't think that is possible. >> this is for better or worst state's key witness. bring her up and charges and then an appeal tore hung jury, where are they going to go. >> geraldo: on the eve of closing arguments, stories of attempted suicide, illicit affairs and that smell of death. that's coming up, right after
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late in january of 2009, you attempted to commit suicide snrvment. >> yes, sir,, i did. >> you even left a suicide note. >> yes, sir,, i did. >> you expressed some guilt. >> geraldo: it is one of the most intriguing aspects of the case, the role played by father and grandfather george anthony. >> did you travel to a hotel in daytona beach for the purposes of taking our own life? >> yes, sir. >> why? >> on that particular day -- why on that it particular day did you decide to take your life? >> why that particular day i picked out, i really don't know. all i know is my emotional state even through today is very hard to accept that i don't have a grand daughter any
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more but for that particular day i don't know, it just felt like the right time to go and be with caylee. >> the defense portrayed george as a troubled man so guilty over his involvement in the coverup of caylee's death that he tried to take his own life. >> after all of these investigations, and search warrants and the subpoenas, sir,, in early january of 2009 did you feel the walls closing in on you? >> i have always cooperated with any law enforcement any fbi, any florida department of law enforcement. with you, sir,, even. any one that i could get information about my granddaughter or help in any way to bring her back home, i did that. >> geraldo: from free choice act sorrow to -- from sorrow to angler when jose baez grills
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george over sexual abuse. >> you know of the possibly penalties of child molesting, don't you, sir? you, of course, would never admit to molesting your child, would you, sir? >> shir, i never would do anything like that to my daughter. baez accuses him ofaida accus s trying to set up his own daughter. >> after he had gotten back with casey you told him that something happened to caylee and casey was lying. >> something happened to caylee, she is no longer with us and casey was the last one i saw with caylee. one and one adds up to two in my mind. i'm supermodel jet because my granddawt -- i'm upset because my grand daughter is missing. >> do you recall testifying in your depositions that you did not believe that the car was human decomposition? >> when i opened up that car door, yeah, it smelled like
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decomposition. human decomposition. >> geraldo: things only got uglier as the day goes on. >> how did you know your grand daughter would be found in the woods six days later. >> that is going about my experiences and what i knew of human decomposition and what it smelled like. >> geraldo: more tears from grandpa when talks about learning little caylee's remains had been found. >> what effect did it have on you when you learnd that caylee's remains had been found sthvment. >> the deep hurt inside. tears. >> up to that moment, had you held out the hope that caylee would be found alive? >> absolutely. every day from july 15th until the day we were told it was caylee. >> in january of 2009, you went -- i will give you a
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minute. >> geraldo: did george's rollercoaster testimony help his daughter or take her one step closer to conviction? >> i didn't want to be in this world any more. >> did you include in that letter questions that you had about what happened to caylee? >> absolutely exactly what i said in that letter i really don't remember. i never really looked it over. i had to express what i was feeling and not feeling. >> geraldo: my favorite odd couple joins elise, joe and me, stacy honowitz. he is in atlanta and she is in l.a. but it is the holiday. welcome. thank you for working, both of you. it seems to me, stacy, that dad's testimony answering my own question i posed in that
10:18 pm
piece takes his daughter one step closer to conviction. >> absolutely. when jose buy zenaid baez callk to the stand and he had that moment the jurors finally got to see what a grieving grandfather and the suffering he is going through. on the state side when took the stand you didn't see the breakdown and that emotional moment. that time when jose -- when jeff ashton was posing questions to him and he broke down you could see it in his face and his expression that he didn't want to live and the suicide note wasn't written because he was confessing to anything. it was written because he truly didn't want to be in this world any more. just the same words that he used. i think you are right. the bottom line was that that day when took that stand and broke down it was one step closer to convicting his own dawt. and yet, david, and yet in his questions to george despite the obvious and necessary denials, no one is going toed a admit to a crime that could put
10:19 pm
you in jail for life, mand many life as i understand it, did he get enough inuendo and noise in and didn't put casey on the witness stand because he has enough to make the argument, however far fetched that there was sex abuse in the house? >> i don't agree with not putting casey on the stand. i think his only choice in setting her free would have been to put her on the stand. >> geraldo: but that was such a remote possibility it was almost ip possible. an acquittal i agree is now out of the question. go ahead, david. >> acquittal is out of the question. now, see whether he can spin is into closings to get a hung jury or lesser included. what is going happen here is you have testimony completely contradicting themselves from cindy and george anthony either of which if you throw it out and take away their testimony they have nothing, they are not credible witnesses. there is no way the jury can find anything to do with those people to be credible.
10:20 pm
>> at this point it all comes down to how he spins it and how the inferences are there. the suicide is a huge -- if jose buhoe baez does it right in closing arguments. >> the four will join battle. closing arguments. when you're falling asleep at the wheel? do you know how you'll react? lexus can now precisely test the most unpredictable variable in a car -- the driver. when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer the world's most advanced driving simulator. you engineer amazing. ♪ ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ whistle ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪
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>> geraldo: it all comes down to this, closing arguments crucial to both sides because neither side has absolutely sealed the deal. prosecutors, of course, have presented a very strong circumstancial case but they haven't delivered a smoking gun. there is no dna and no witnesses. no cause of death. on the other hand, the defense has not given the jury any direct evidence of drowning, they did not establish that casey kept quiet and behaved badly because her free will was
10:24 pm
destroyed by years of sex abuse by her father. so how can tomorrow's closing arguments seal this deal? stacy honowitz current prosecutor. david seltzer. elise wheel here, former federal prosecutor. joe, active criminal defense attorney downtown. elise, can jose with his closing arguments say you heard george anthony deny that he sexually abused his daughter over years and years but did you believe him, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, he had an affair, he lied about that. he lied about the duct tape. he lied this and he lied that. >> doesn't matter. throw all of that testimony out. >> can he not address the sex abuse in that way? >> i don't think he can. he can try but the prosecution is going to stand up and say wait a second, judge, you told us and gave jury i instructions that you could not argue
10:25 pm
anything that has not been presented as evidence. decorumdo: isn't the did he you let the other side present their closing argument. >> i agree with you there. of course, it is the defense so there is no issue about appeal with whatever the defense says. can they -- in a practical sense do it, yes. i don't think it goes anywhere. >> geraldo: and joe, does it go anywhere? what do you think the defense this this case -- or do you think the defense is sunk? >> it is sort of sunk but they have to throw everything out there. talking about a death penalty case. you can't have second thoughts, second guess yourself. let it all hang out. junk science. you have to come across to this jury and explain to them that all of these experts, everybody that came up here and testified it was all junk science, no peer review, stuff that is admitted for the first time in court. >> that is an appellate issue. >> geraldo: but it was junk science but it got in and they
10:26 pm
heard it. stacy, can baez save this woman's life with his closing argument? >> i'm not sure if he can save this woman's life but i have to tell you that i disagree with joe because there is a 16-page order by this judge, you just don't get up wil willy nilly ad say i will disard what the judge has to say. he will not be held in contempt. you have to abide. when the jury instructions say you cannot assume facts not in evidence. that is why he wrote this order. most lawyers already know that without having an order. i think he is of the opinion that that is what jose is going do, start throwing the theories at him and doesn't want the state popping up every three seconds saying objection. he has got to abide by that order. >> david -- >> jose has to get it in and draw the inference that george anthony tried to commit suicide
10:27 pm
because of the molestation and the -- >> where in the letter does it say that, david? there is nothing that that letter to even draw that inference, though. you can't draw an inference from something that is not there. >> what else would he try to commit suicide? >> did you read the letter? >> geraldo: old it. >> very quickly, when you are representing somebody who is faced with the death penalty contempt is the last thing that you are thinking about. let it all hang out. >> geraldo: george had a mistress. george attempted su suicide. doesn't that mean that he really did dispose of his granddaughter's tiny body? well, also, what search were they looking for when they looked there? i will send this to shelley. yeah.
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from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. thousands of people rallying in atlanta today to protes protest georgia's new immigration law. as many as 14,000 people marching past the state house. the law gives police broader powers to crack down on suspected illegals. it went into effect on friday but a judge temporarily blocked a key provision allowing police to detain suspected illegal immigrants who can't show proper identification. tropical storm eileen blamed for 11 deaths in mexico. floods, mud slides devastating coast states. two young children were among those killed. most died after being buried alive this their homes by mud slides or drowning trying to
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cross swollen streams. moderate to heavy rains expected through the rest of the weekend. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large". for the latest headlines log on to fox news .com. you're watching the most powerful name in news -- fox news channel. >> do you know george anthony? >> yes. >> how do you know him? >> i met him at a tent when his granddaughter was missing. >> geraldo: a late comer and a side show to the child murder trial of the century. >> did you get to know will anthony a little better? >> yes. >> did you develop a relationship with mr. anthony? >> yes, sir,, i did. >> crystal holloway, aka river cruz. a search volunteer who claim astor rid affair with grandpa george. >> this was an intimate relationship. >> yes. >> and did mr. anthony go to your home or your apartment. >> it was my home. and, yes, he did. >> about how many times did he go to your house?
10:32 pm
>> maybe 12. >> geraldo: george denied it. >> is it your testimony that she was just another volunteer? >> absolutely just another volunteer. >> no different than any other volunteer? >> no, because everyone who ever volunteered at our command centers, some people became more than just volunteers, they became friends. >> did you have a romantic relationship with her? >> no, sir. to me, that is very funny. >> very funny? >> yes, sir. >> and were you ever intimate with her? >> no, sir. and that also is very funny. his blunt unpolished way george says crystal was just a friend who needed a friend. >> is it your testimony to this jury that you were going there for any romantic interludes it was because you were going there to console her. >> i did go there just to console her because she had con
10:33 pm
fided in me that she had a brain tumor or she was having medical issues and also explained that to my wife, sir. >> geraldo: even when confronted with allegations of intimacy, george digs in. >> did you send her a text message saying you needed her in your life. >> yes, i did need those people in my life, yes. >> geraldo: for two years crystal had kept quiet. >> when did the police first contact you? >> two years later after. >> and they came to you and did they present you with anything? >> one of the very first questions, if i knew george and if i had an affair with him. >> and did they have any documentation in reference to your relationship with george? >> yes. >> what did they have? >> the texts. >> how much text messages did they show you? >> several. >> what did you provide them
10:34 pm
with? >> my phone and the letters that he had written me. >> geraldo: but crystal's story is inconsistent. >> when the police first asked you about the affair did you deny it? >> yes, sir,, i did. >> why did you do that? >> because i felt that he would get in trouble and in the manner that it ended i just assumed that the media would find out about it if i told the detectives. and so i initially lied because i was embarrassed. >> geraldo: then, for what it is worth, crystal drops the evidencery bomb shell. >> ms. holloway, did there ever come an occasion where you had a heart to heart conversation with george anthony as to what happened to his grand daughter? >> yes, he was sitting on my couch and i was sitting on the floor and he had told me he had
10:35 pm
said it was an accident that show balled out -- that snowballed out of control. >> this was before caylee was found? >> yes, sir,, it was around thanksgiving time. i didn't think that he could raise somebody that was capable of harming her child and that is when said it was an accident that snowballed out of control but i was caught off guard with it and by the time i looked up he had tears in his eyes and i didn't answer -- i didn't say anything after that. >> geraldo: even as crystal firms up the defense's drowning theory prosecutor jeff ashton pokes holes in her story. >> he didn't tell you that he was present when this occurred, was he? >> when what occurred? >> when it accident occurred? >> no. >> in fact, he never told you that he knew it himself? , that he knew that to be the case? >> i just told you that what he
10:36 pm
said i never elaborated to anything else. i never said that he said anything else other than what he said. >> other than he believed t was an accident that snowballed out of control and she tried to cover it up, that is all he said? >> that is not what he said. he said it was an accident that snowballed out of control. >> but he didn't claim that he actually was there or knew that sthvment. >> you're right. i agree with you. i didn't. >> geraldo: worse for crystal's credibility, she admits the sin of selling her story to the "national enquirer". how much money did you get for selling your story? >> $4,000. >> $4,000. and that was just for selling your story. >> yes. >> geraldo: was she just a money grubbing who ar whore whp
10:37 pm
the story to sell it to the "national enquirer". sounds like this witness scored some points for defense. >> i think he she was a throw away witness. i could care less if he was having sex with her, morning noon and night. >> geraldo: this was an accident that smoa balled out of control. >> he wasn't there. he didn't say he knew what happened. it was his belief. it was a father in disbelief thinking could my daughter actually have kill mood i grand daughter. >> geraldo: think about closing arguments. >> okay. >> geraldo: george anthony said to crystal that this is an accident that spiraled out of control. you heard, that is what george said. >> and here is the judge's instruction. if you remember, geraldo. they are not to believe that as substantive evidence. it doesn't come in as substantive evidence, okay. it was a hearsay exception.
10:38 pm
and that is the bottom line. and that is why he will not be able to argue that. there are many things in this closing argument that we all think they gorgeous b they aree to throw t up against the wall and see what sticks. that is not going to happen. his sex with this the throwaway witness has nothing to do with the chloroform in the car. his sex with the throwaway witness has nothing to do with the shovel or 31 days that casey was out partying. sex with this witness has no baryg on this case whatsoever other than for him to look like a cheat. that is the bottom line. argue it and spin it as much as they want. >> spoken like a true prosecutor. >> i am a true prosecutor. >> geraldo: now, talk like a true defense attorney. >> her testimony you have to look at it in its totality. you cannot discount what it is that she is saying. who wants to come up on the stand and swear and raise their right-hand and know that their
10:39 pm
testimony is going be put on national television and admit to an affair. who would want to do something like that? >> are you kidding me. she already sold her story. it was big headlines, i slept with george anthony. >> wait a second. wait a second. let me tell you something, unless you are a celebrity, unless you are celebrity checking into a hotel and you don't want the paparazzi around you, i don't believe somebody who has an aka. that is the first start. let's knock it out of the box there. why does she have another name, honestly? there it is. >> look, it really doesn't matter. $4,000, that is a lot of money but it is not just the $4,000, the fame, the 15 minutes. the server guy. >> geraldo: you don't believe he said that to her? >> i want you to assume for purposes of the discussion that he said it. >> i could believe that he said it and still believe that is good for the prosecution because it snowballed out, this is a father who is grieving who
10:40 pm
does not want to accept if we go back in time accept the fact that his daughter killed his granddaughter, all right. he would say that. and they could be having an affair, it doesn't matter. the jury isn't going to care about that. >> geraldo: do i sense that you are less certain that this will be something less than a death penalty conviction today than you were last week? >> no, i'm still certain there is no death penalty on the table here. it will not be a first-degree murder conviction. if you look at everything, even the rebuttal witnesses and the affair there is more than enough for one juror to say not guilty on first-degree murder. this is nothing more than a credibility issue. whether you believe the affair or not or the smoa ball effect or not there is no credibility on either side of the aisle here so the jury cannot come back with first-degree murder. >> geraldo: i agree but i want to discuss penalty phase a bit into the program. i want to go back to closing
10:41 pm
arguments. we heard sayday individual, stacy's closing. give us half of yours now. >> the half of mine is pretty simple. at this point the state has failed to prove their case. it is a point blank argument. you were here, you raised your hand. you agreed to follow the law, show me where the state proved their case. they have not. they have failed to meet their burden beyond the exclusion of all reasonable doubt which is the highest burdennen in the the land to prove first-degree murder. all they have is circumstancial evidence, witnesses who are not credible. george anthony attempting suicide and having affairs. there is no evidence to show that he is covering up a murder than casey anthony committed a murder. >> i don't know why everyone is denigrating circumstanckial evidence. >> geraldo: i thought the forensic evidence the state presented was the weakest the part of the case. >> but it came in. >> geraldo: if it wasn't the fact that this dimwit went out
10:42 pm
and partied for 30 days could regardless of how her child died whether by accident or her own hand, that is what is convicting her. the state i think has done a fair to midland job. >> but you are forgetting this whole thing. we keep denigrating this circumstancial evidence. that is what most murder cases of made of. >> that is exactly right. >> geraldo: talk about this with circumstancial evidence. what is with the search private investigators working for the anthony family conducted almost exactly where caylee marie's body was found? who told them to search there. if you think they were working on behalf of a psychic, i have a bridge in brooklyn i to sell you. after this. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans,
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what were you looking for? >> the possible location of caylee marie anthony. >> at first, what did you do. in. >> i got out of the vehicle and then started heading that way toward the school. >> geraldo: it is one of the few bright spots for the tee defense. >> we met at his office and then went and proceeded to look for caylee. >> okay. was she supposed to be standing off suburban drive?
10:46 pm
>> no, sir. >> where was she supposed to be? >> i believe in the wooded area and deceased. >> geraldo: that private investigator's dominik, and jim hoover searched for the body at the precise location where a month later her body was found. >> how far are did you go into the woods initially. >> probably 20, 25 feet. >> were you looking for garbage bags? >> not specifically looking for garbage bags no,. >> do you see garbage bags. >> there was a tre tremendous amount around there. >> the alleged reason given for their search a psychic tip. >> called me and that was the sole purpose of me going there. it was not to facilitate anybody or anything other than follow-up on that search. >> geraldo: the search was extensive. >> honestly, we walked the
10:47 pm
length of suburban drive from where my car was parked and looked in and were looking for pavers. >> what are you looking for in black plastic bags. >> looking for caylee's remains. >> geraldo: it lasted several day grs now, the next day, november 16 did you go back to suburban drive? >> yes. >> why did you go back on november 16? >> to prove a psychic wrong. >> did you see any remains of caylee marie anthony in the woods on november 15 or 16. >> absolutely not. >> and is that what you were looking for? >> that is the purpose of going out there. >> geraldo: the results, nothing. >> at any time while yew were in the woods on those dates on suburban drive did you see any bags or debris that appeared to contain human remains? >> until. >> geraldo: three searches and no body. since casey was already in jail
10:48 pm
in mid november when the searches were conducted, she could not have put her daughter's remains where a month later they would allegedly be found by roy kronk. why did the private detectives really search in that special spot. >> would you agree that orlando is 101 square miles? >> would i agree with that? >> yes, that is the size of orlando. >> if you say it is, i would agree with you. >> and this is the only place where you searched for a deceased caylee in the entire 101 square miles of orlando? >> that would be the only place that i went to. >> geraldo: stacy, isn't that funky? please. 101 square miles is the city of orlando and they search exactly where the body is found a month later. conjure upenough to con jeur images of a little corpse being
10:49 pm
placed there after the two professional searchers trod the area for three days, that spot, why were they there in the first place because of a psychic? >> it is my believe that cindy anthony asked them to search the area. she wanted them to come down there. i don't think it is enough. >> geraldo: enough for what? >> for, you know, you are saying for reasonable doubt for the jury to say that the body was placed there afterwards. now, what you are trying to say is roy kronk is the villain. first george a the villain and now let's have roy kred onk be the villain. >> geraldo: it doesn't matter who the villain is. all they have to prove -- forget how long the body is, all they have to prove is that casey anthony didn't kill her daughter and that is probably the only shred of direct evidence that she had nothing to do with the final resting place of her daughter because she was in custody. >> geraldo: but is it not enough jvment we will continue
10:50 pm
with our panel and tell you what casey is facing if convicted, after this.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
>> geraldo: what will she be convicted of? our esteemed panel, david, joe, lis, stacy, when i read a count and you believe that is the count she will be convicted of, sing out. we begin at the top. the most harsh charge you can imagine, first-degree capital murder, death penalty or life in prison. lis wiehl, what do you think? >> i think so. from the beginning the jury has been death penalty qualified which means whe they have saidf
10:54 pm
they find her guilty of premeditation they will impose the death penalty. >> geraldo: stacy, did i hear you also saying that is what it was going to be? >> come on, really, how are you getting past the searches? that is what i would like to know. maybe george having sex gets us past the neck breaking and chloroform. >> the neck breaking, that was a search related to martial arts. former federal prosecutor and current state prosecutor both believe the state has achieved this mountainous burden and they have convicted her or will convict her on first-degree capital murder. second-degree murder any one, maximum life in prison? joe sthvment. >> the prosecution has not been able to show the most essential fact, cause of death. there is no dna linking casey to it the skeletal remains. it is a crucial, crucial fact. something that i think the
10:55 pm
defense is going to hit on hard tomorrow and i think that is what is going to get. >> geraldo: second-degree murder or life imprisonment. >> aggravated manslaughter of a child. whatever else you are convicted of, 30 additional year. any takers? me, i think that is where it will be. 30 years. >> i think that is the only possibility here. >> okay. >> however, i think -- i'm still sticking by my original statement there is going to be one juror that is going to hold out. >> geraldo: hung jury. simple manslaughter. no takers. aggravated child abuse is 15 years plus whatever else. and then the four counts of false information to law enforcement. >> those will happen, of course. those are definitely convictions. >> but she has time served on that anyway.
10:56 pm
>> geraldo: three years in. >> and on your point, don't forget, the medical examiner did come forward and testify that there ft was homicide. couldn't find a cause of death. >> geraldo: but they also said it was because they never called 911. thank you, lis. >> are you kidding, oh, my. >> what? >> nothing, nothing. >> i have nothing else to say tonight. >> thank you all. and now i will be back in orlando on tomorrow morning but i wanted to come home today to spend time with my family because my whole birthday complication. erica and i went to the star light diner around the corner are from work here where the singing broadway actors sping as they wait. they heard me complaining yesterday on the air about my birthday party getting screwed up because of work but they had a surprise for me. look. ♪ one, two, one, two, three sheewe'll help you celebrate yr
10:57 pm
happy birthday in our own special way ♪ ♪ so much fun you won't believe your eyes ♪ ♪ ♪ yo we are here to celebrate h you ♪ >> geraldo: that is it for us. don't miss tomorrow night. jeanine and i, fourby mean in hours. thanks everybody. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
10:58 pm
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